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Bogg Bag

Bogg Bit Assorted - Assorted

Bogg Bit Assorted - Assorted

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Decorative 3" disks adorned with designs to #beautifyyourbogg.  Choose a letter Bogg® Bit to match your first name or family name, a State Bogg® Bit to show your hometown pride or any of our fun designs to show your personality.  Bogg® Bits fit in any of the holes in the Original, Baby and BYO Bogg® Bags.  With lots of holes, have fun collecting Bogg® Bits to really show your style.

TIP:  To install the Bogg® Bit into any of the holes on the Original, Baby or BYO Bogg® Bag simply push it through the hole anywhere you choose.  To remove, simply use your thumb to push it back through the hole.


It's time to get serious. Here at Bogg® Bag, we have always wanted to look for ways to give back. Give back to the community. Give back to those in need. Give back to organizations that speak to us. Many of us have been given so much in life and we would like to encourage you to find ways to give back too.

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